Understanding Condensation on your Windows

Condensation, on the interior or exterior of a window or glass door, is a natural phenomenon. In almost all cases, condensation is caused by factors that have nothing to do with a defect in your window or door unit.

Common situations that can cause temporary window condensation:

Interior condensation occurs when the indoor humidity level is high and there is a cool enough surface present. As the outside temperature drops, the window/door glass can become cool enough to begin cooling the indoor air. Since cooler air cannot hold as much water vapor as warmer air, the warm saturated air inside your home will reach the cold surface of your window or door and will release its excess water vapor in the form of condensation. The lower the outdoor temperature, the lower your indoor humidity level needs to be to reduce the potential for saturated air. Dry heat and proper ventilation in your home is the best safeguard against interior condensation.

Here are some steps to help reduce interior condensation:

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